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a short toy film by Ayon Sengupta 

screenplay by Sagarkanya Sengupta and Ayon Sengupta 

produced by AI Film Wizards entertAInment 

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The first poster that we released. Up in the Mountains is our first film, made with toys using stopmotion techniques. Received well by viewers and encouraged us to move on to our next project. This film is very close to us because it is through this project, we entered the magical world of film making. 

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The film revolves around Richard, who shares a frightful experience he once had in the mountains of Grim Gore. That night Richard saw the creature who lurked in the dark forests of the region. An encounter that will teach him a lesson for life. 

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The making of the film involved enormous effort, time, energy and money to make lifeless toys to act and put all the photographic pieces together to tell a story. 

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We captured some 2093 photographs and 100 videos which resulted to some 33 minutes 6 seconds of overall footage. The final film is a little more than 12 minutes. 


Vocal performances were done by

Subhrajit Ghosh, Abhishek Sengupta, Debopriya Das Sengupta and Ayon Sengupta

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