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A short animation film by  Ayon Sengupta 

LAX is an ultra short animation film depicting our attitude towards water usage and its conservation. A young boy unintentionally breaks an already defective water tap and then tries his level best to fix and save water, while people around doesn't really care.  

This is our first fully computer animated film, with an important message for both people and administration to be a bit more careful about water conservation and its usage. So many public water taps across the country lies defunct and unable to stop water from flowing out every now and then. 


The film has been animated and directed by Ayon Sengupta, with vocal performances by Smt. Sonali Sengupta and Ayon Sengupta. With creative assistance by Indrani Basak and Sagarkanya Ray Sengupta. 

Some photographs used at the end of this movie may belong to their respective owners.

No copyright infringement intended. 

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