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AI Film Wizards entertAInment

brings to you a wonderful opportunity to give your film that final polish and professional look 

so that it looks great wherever you watch it.

We provide full film editing services and other post production services at an affordable rate.


The services are as mentioned:

1. Film Editing

2. Film Score (Background music & songs if any)

3. Foley

4. ADR

5. Specialised Sound FX

6. Colour Correction & Colour Grading

7. Ambience VFX

8. Poster Design & Trailer Design.


1. Film Editing: We are ready to collaborate right from the inception of your story idea. Or you can get us involved when you are or have completed the shooting of your film. We work right from getting dailies up to the final cut of your movie.

2. Film Score: This is the most time consuming and costly service in the list. We will provide original music for your movie and the music will be performed and recorded by the renowned music group The Rhythm Orchestra, founded way back in 1973. This cost of this service may vary depending on the musical requirements of the project.

3. Foley: Foley is basically the sound of objects and impacts between them in certain ambiences which helps create the soundscape of a film, like door openings, cars passing by, birds chirping, wind blowing, water running, etc. We will create meticulously crafted sound effects for your motion picture.

4. ADR: Automated Dialogue Replacement or popularly known as Dubbing is the recording and replacement of dialogues in a movie for more clarity and a better mix. We will provide such services and ensure proper placement, clarity and quality of dialogues.

5. Specialised Sound FX: We can provide specialised sounds which doesn’t come under Foley, specifically designed to suit your needs. Say a film maker needs is looking for a special type of sound for a monster or beast in his film, we can design such specialised sounds for your movie.

6. Colour Correction & Colour Grading: Although they are two different professional services but this category is the only one that we provide for FREE. Yes you read that right. We use industry standard softwares and techniques to give your movie the look which will feel professional and amazing. Trust us, you will love the look of your film after this. The only reason we are providing this service for free is to give you a perfect sample of what kind of work we are striving for.

7. Ambient VFX: We can provide convincing ambient visual effects for your movie. This includes rain, snow, thunder, fog, etc. plus we can provide other natural & artificial element vfx. To know further, kindly contact us for more details.

8. Poster Design & Trailer Design: We also provide these design services to create appropriate yet stunning posters to catch viewers attention. We also create trailers for your movie, which will be short, to the point yet not revealing much and retaining viewers interest to see the full movie.

Now most of these services come with a price tag which is beyond the reach of most of the aspiring film makers, one may charge upto several lacs of rupees. But we at FWE are providing these services at very nominal prices plus you have the choice to select all or any of the services listed here. Because we value collaboration more than anything else.



Price list for the services are for films with a duration of less than 1 hour (except the Film Scoring service):


Film Editing: ₹12,000/-

Film Score:

Depends on the musical requirements for the score, normally starts with ₹8,000/- 

Foley: ₹3,000/- 

ADR: ₹4,000/-

Specialised Sound FX: ₹4,000/-

Colour Correction & Colour Grading: FREE

Ambient VFX: ₹4,000/-

Poster Design: ₹1,000/-

Trailer Design: ₹3,000/-

We work completely on Apple editing systems with industry standard softwares, tools and technologies used by professionals all over the world. We also work remotely so if you want then you don't have to physically visit us yet we can collaborate online.

If you have a film which has a duration of more than one hour and for other pricing options,

we request you to contact us for more precise details regarding all these services.