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We are a small team of film enthusiasts who believe that with the advancement and increased accessibility of technologies, one can tell captivating stories with a certain quality of audio visual presentation which was previously not possible or was very rare. We are deeply interested in presenting engaging stories through different formats of film making. We began with StopMotion techniques and then moved on to 2D animation. Now we are preparing ourselves for our first live action film.

We aim to make films of a definite standard even with our ridiculously limited resources. We are ever excited to discover how much we can push ourselves with each and every project we do, increasing the quality of audio and visual presentation to a level which we could be proud of. 

We have awesome stories to tell but our resources are very limited. Still we don't want to showcase it as an excuse and are unwilling to compromise the quality of our films. We are learning a lot from each of our projects and the only thing that pushes us to our limits is the urge to create something better than what we have done before. 

We want to discover how close can we get to the overall quality of commercially released films, by making movies with limited stuff. Filmmaking is very hard and it takes a lot of time, energy, effort and money to create even something very simple. As we are a new independent banner, funds are a big challenge, so we put extra effort to our available resources to extract the most out of it. We aim to create films in zero or unbelievably low budget and accept the challenge to safeguard the quality of our films from budgetary constraints. 

Ultimately story is the final thing, we want to call ourselves storytellers. Now it doesn't matter whether we are telling a certain story through animation or live action, all we want is to present stories which will captivate audiences and engage them in an entertaining way.