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A stopmotion toy film by Ayon Sengupta. This is an action adventure fantasy drama where a king from the insignificant pages of history searches for his divine weapon which will make him invincible. The king is about to discover a fact that he misinterpreted for thousands of years. 

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TISTHATI was a very demanding project. Lots of time, energy and money went into this action fantasy drama. This time we went with a hybrid type of animation, using animated graphics and then superimposing them on stop motion footages. Even at the end of this project we found that this one was more than double the size of our previous project. 

4286 photographs 
500 excluded photos (approx.)  
180 videos 
30 minutes of Original Score 
16-18 hours of work a day
5 months of hard work. 

Vocal performances by: 

Subhrajit Ghosh- Saasha, The Police Officer and Kaddu Singh. 

Ayon Sengupta - Emperor Shesha, Officer Arjun, Lord Brahma and Lord Garur, Ashwatthama 

Debopriya D Sengupta - Akshita Banerjee 

Rajkumar Roy - Khalbali 

We went through immense tension, pressure, system crashes, file corruptions, toy breakings, obstacles in animations, heavy rendering issues, technical restrictions, various hurdles in the form physical pain, mental unrest, sweating even in the winter months, etc…. At a certain point we thought it would not be possible to finish the project. 
But got immense production support from MAA (Smt.Sonali Sengupta) and after all this, when the film got released and received positive responses, all those hurdles, hard work, everything, feels so worth. Your support, love and responses are so satisfying. 

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who watched this film, and those who are yet to see the movie, please do watch, comment and share ‘TISTHATI’ 

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The film has been made not for any commercial goals but entertainment purposes only. Some objects, images and materials used in this film may belong to their respective owners.

No copyright infringement intended. 

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